Sea of Thieves Map Documentation


Sharable Custom Location Markers

To add a marker, right click the map (mobile users `long press`) to get the context menu. Select Add Marker. This will drop a X Marks the Spot marker. You can drag this to fine tune it's position. This will also add a query variable to the URL. Then to share, copy/paste the URL into your social/communication app of choice.

Sharable Map Location

As you move the map about, the URL is adjusted to reflect your current zoom level and location. Copy/paste the the URL into your social/communication app of choice to share with your friends

Right click and clear markers to remove

Find Closest Animals

To find an island with a specific animal, right click the map (mobile users `long press`) to bring up the context menu. Select 'Closest Animal'. This will highlight the closest island with your selected animal and also drop a boat icon indicating the direction. (Also, a dialog will pop up with a text heading.)

click the highlighted island or right click and clear markers to remove

Island Finder

Click the arrow buttons on the sidebar to quickly jump through zoomed in views on islands to find which one has the treasure you're looking for


click on the animal or throne markers on the sidebar to toggle the visibility of the markers on the map

Responsive and Mobile Ready

This has been designed with mobile in mind so you can run this on your phone or tablet for easy use while out on the seas

Progressive Web App

Save to your homescreen on your mobile device for easier and offline access.

Note: This is still slightly wonky. I'm working on fixing that...

Open Source

All the code is here: and all the map tiles are here:

Have at it

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Thanks! Fair seas!